How to make a Complaint

All complaints to the Ombudsman are confidential and free of charge. You can complain by phone, by using our form on the website, by E-mail, letter, fax or in-person.

Before contacting us you should first have complained and gone through the complaints process of the City service or program. For more information about how to complain to about the service, see referral information. If you are unsure, call us.

If you have already tried to have your complaint addressed by the public service and are not satisfied at the outcome you can complain to us if it’s a problem that we can help you with. (Refer to Our Jurisdiction) 

If it's not something we can look at, we'll let you know why and try to suggest who might be able to help.

If your complaint is ready we will start the inquiry process. For more about this process,
click here

Intake line:  416 392 7062
TTY:  416 392 7100
Fax:  416 392 7067

Office of the Ombudsman, City of Toronto
375 University Ave, Suite
203, Toronto, ON M5G 2J5